Do you have that one room that is ‘always hot’ or ‘always cold?’ No matter the season, the temperature, or how hard you fiddle with the thermostat… sometimes your home has a mind of its own! This is common occurrence, especially in historic homes with an older infrastructure. A challenge to manage, and often one that homeowners think is impossible to solve or overcome; doing a quick check of your system can help troubleshoot some of these issues.


To troubleshoot your air-balancing act, start at the source… either your heating or air-conditioning unit. Removing any visible blockages, such as an air filter that needs replacing, or AC coils that need to be cleaned will help improve the efficiency and regularity of your system. If you encounter anything unusual, call your River View HVAC technician to service your unit. Remember that dust, gunk, and build-up can slow fans, motors, and moving parts down and decrease your home’s air distribution


After you’ve ensured that your unit is in good working condition, follow all visible ductwork with your hands and eyes. Ensure that there are no leaks or weaknesses in the infrastructure. Some homes will allow for this process easier than others, if your duct work is enclosed, you will need a professional’s help. If there are puckers, or awkward joints in your duct system, try reinforcing those areas with aluminum duct tape to decrease any leakages.


In each room of your home, evaluate where the heating and cooling vent is located. Are there any obstructions near the vent, and is the lever control on the vent at an appropriate level in relationship to the amount of hot or cold air you want in the room? Furniture, and window curtains are the most common culprits of blocked air systems. In each room, you can test your return air vent by placing a piece of copy paper over the vent; it should ‘stick’ which would mean the return vent system is working properly (sucking air into the system).


Sometimes being intentional about your troubleshooting can lead to positive results; you might find an air-leak, a vent that was accidentally blocked, a duct that needed reinforcing. If your problem seems to be unsolvable, it’s worth calling River View Heating & Cooling to have a professional look at the challenge. With years of industry expertise, River View Heating & Cooling promises your satisfaction and won’t complete a job until answers are found! Contact us today for more information.

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