We are in the heat of summer here in Cincinnati.  With this relentless heat, we can rarely go without a quality AC unit. If you find your AC has struggled to perform optimally this past season, consider walking through the thought process of if it is time to replace your unit or if a few repairs are in order.

The decision to repair or replace is a huge, so let’s discuss the factors to consider.

Consider the age of the current unit. If your AC unit is over ten years old, runs continuously, doesn’t cool your home properly, and causes your energy bills to be higher than they should be, you probably have an inefficient unit. Often replacing a unit that is over 10 years old will help drastically with efficiency, making replacement the right choice.

Find yourself paying costly repair bills more often than not? Cost of repairs over the past season should be considered. If you have spent a fair amount of money on repairs, or have been inconvenienced by a down unit in the middle of a hot day, a replacement may be in order. Loud noises or failure to cool the home properly are sure signs that there are issues that at least need to be properly diagnosed by a professional. You may want to have your unit assessed and ask to be provided an estimate of all necessary repairs. This will give you the needed information to properly weigh the costs of repair vs replace.

Minor repairs now and then are completely normal with any AC unit. Repairs can be kept to a minimum by properly maintaining your unit with annual maintenance and service as well as keeping filters clean and clear of debris. If your annual expense is simply general maintenance, and the unit is performing optimally, then continuing with your current plan may be in order.

Want to make sure you are getting the best performance you possibly can from your unit? Consider adding a programmable thermostat and a dehumidifier. Both of these items aid in temperature control and you AC’s cooling efficiency. Bring added comfort to your home with these additions.

Whether you are planning to replace your unit, or if you are looking at repairs, consider having these tasks completed during the cooler weather. It’s a great time of year when the AC is not in high demand and the temperatures are comfortable.

If you would like to have your unit evaluated and need help in deciding whether to repair or replace, contact us today and schedule your AC assessment. We are here to help you and are committed to our reputation of high integrity and excellent customer service.

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