Is it possible for you to compile all the ways you keep yourself ‘maintained?” From the very basic hygiene rituals, to expensive salon visits, to other healthy-living practices?


In modern society, there are numerous ways we humans keep ourselves feeling and looking our best. Some subscribe to the ‘work hard- play hard’ mentality; others thrive on a ‘low and slow’ life mantra. Regardless of the tempo of your life, we all need rest and relaxation to bring us back to ‘fully-charged.” And beyond rest and relaxation, each individual has their own ritual of self-care.


If one were to translate all the effort we put into our own beings into our possessions, what would this look like?  How could shifting your maintenance and self-care rituals to your possessions improve their quality and life-span?


Our kitchen appliances, furnaces, beauty styling tools, cars, boats, water heaters, fireplaces… big or small; we take them for granted.


Your Heating and Cooling System should not be excluded from the list of amenities we often take for granted. An HVAC system rarely has the chance to ‘Work Hard – Play Hard’ or better yet, ‘Go Low and Slow,’ as we require it to incessantly meet our heating and cooling expectations and behave according to our personal preferences of maintaining homeostasis.


As we enter into the months of the year that have the ability to leave our toesies shivering, it is important to have your HVAC unit serviced and maintained. A pseudo-spa day for your HVAC system so that when it’s ‘go time,’ it’s primed and ready to take on the task of keeping you and your family toasty warm and comfortable!


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