Fall is almost here! That means it is time for a little cooler weather, changing of the leaves, football, and more. But that also means it is time to do maintenance on your heating and cooling systems. You have been using your cooling system all summer because it has been hot, but now that it is getting cooler out, that means it is close to time to turn up the heat. However, since you have not used the heating system in a while, it is important that you make sure everything is still running properly. Failure to do the proper maintenance could result in carbon monoxide poisoning, poor indoor air quality, system breakdowns and uncomfortable room temperatures. This article is intended to inform you of what items you should put on your HVAC maintenance checklist for fall to make sure your heating is in good shape for this winter.

Clean All The Coils

Each system has coils, and these coils can have built up dirt and grime on them. It is important that these coils are cleaned regularly so the coils do not become damaged and lose their efficiency. Failure to clean the coils could also lead to refrigerant leaks.

Clean Pans and Drain Lines

The pans contain standing water, and standing water attracts germs and other unwanted buildups like mold and mildew. It can also attract unwanted creatures which is another problem in itself. It is important that they are cleaned out so you can avoid any blockage which helps reduce the risk of any leaks.

Look at the Refrigerant Charge

Checking the refrigerant charge will help you check for any leaks. If the charge is reading low, that means you must check for any leaks. More than likely, there is a leak somewhere.

Check all Belts

Worn out belts and pulleys can spell disaster for your systems. Always check to make sure your belts look to be in good shape. If they are not, they will most likely break as soon as you start it up again. Any part that looks to be worn out needs to be fixed immediately for proper functioning and efficiency.

Inspect Electrical Parts

Check all of your electrical parts and make sure that there is no corrosion or anything that looks like it could be a problem to your electrical system. Any failure to your electrical system will shut down your heating system and that could result in many more problems.

Check the Limit Switch

When parts of your heating system get hot, the limit switch is what turns on the blower to keep the parts from getting above safe temperatures. If the blower runs nonstop, that means that the switch has damage and needs checked and replaced.

Duct Insulation

When you have duct insulation damage, the hot air blowing can escape before reaching the area you need it. In this case, your heating system will work harder to blow air, reducing its efficiency. This can cause your energy bills to go up, breakdowns and even more damage to other parts of your system.

Having a properly operating heating and cooling system is very important to your home. With this HVAC maintenance checklist for fall, your HVAC system should be good to go when it comes time to make the switch. You should only hire the best of the best to make sure your heating and cooling systems are running properly and efficiently. At River View Heating & Cooling, we can guarantee that you will be over satisfied with our employees and your needs will always be met because you, the customer, are our first priority. If you need HVAC maintenance for fall, contact us today.

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