The warmer seasons of summer and fall are nice, but eventually they will come to an end. That means the weather is going to start getting colder and you as a homeowner are going to have to prepare your home for that colder weather. One of the most important items in your home that you are going to have to prep for the winter is your boiler. The boiler uses hot water which then heats your home.

Turn Your Furnace On

A lot of times, what happens is, people will wait till it actually is cold to start up their boiler. That is not a positive thing to do. A boiler is turned off typically when it is warm outside meaning the boiler isn’t being touched for over six months, and while it’s turned off, you can’t always be reliant that the boiler is going to start up again. So it is important to turn on your boiler every once in awhile, even when it’s warm, in order to make sure that it is running properly and if it isn’t, you are able to get it fixed before it gets cold out.

Make Sure There Are No Leaks or Unusual Noises

When your boiler has not been used in a long time, there is a high chance that it might have some leaks or unusual noises and it’s important to get those noises, leaks and other issues fixed immediately. It’s important to look for puddles of water around the boiler and radiator to check for any leaks, and listen for any knocking noises, whistling, or popping.

Make Sure the Area around The Boiler is Clean

As for any place in a home or building, it’s important to maintain a clean area around any important mechanical part. So make sure before you start your boiler for the first time, the area is clear of any items or boxes or anything that could get in the way. It is also important that you clean any air vents on the system to make sure it is clean of any dust, debris, or any other particles that might inhibit or block the flow of air coming in cleanly.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is a very deadly and poisonous gas if inhaled, and during the combustion process of the boiler, the heat exchanger might give off fumes of this gas. And if there is a leak in the boiler, fumes will spread into the air of your home which makes it very dangerous for any one in the home. So make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector attached somewhere near the boiler to detect any carbon monoxide immediately and change the batteries regularly.

Schedule Maintenance Regularly

It’s important that you maintain and check on your boiler regularly. What better way to know if your boiler is running properly and is in tip top shape than to have a professional come and take a look at it. A professional can come and tune up your boiler and give you the best advice on how to maintain your boiler.

Choosing River View Heating & Cooling

Here at River View, we hire the best of the best HVAC installers. You can count on the certified, trained professional to complete the job and do it right. Our HVAC installers are the right people to make sure your boiler is running smoothly so you never have to worry about it. And we make sure the products that we use are only the best of the best. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations before, during, and after the installation. That is why we are a 10 star company. 5 stars for our products, and 5 stars for our employees. Choosing River View for your HVAC installation needs will help you sleep calmer at night and your home feeling just how you like it.

Having a smooth and finely tuned boiler is very important to the home and you should only hire the best of the best to make sure yours runs properly and efficiently. At River View Hearing & Cooling, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our employees. You can schedule an appointment with us on our company website and you can also learn more about what River View Heating & Cooling can offer for you.

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