Even if you’ve replaced your old central air or room air conditioner with a brand new model with an outstanding energy rating, there are ways you can ensure that it works as efficiently now — and in future — as the day it was installed. How you operate your air conditioner may be as important as its size and Energy Star rating.


Try to always keep your unit on and set to a reasonable temperature. If you have to turn it off and back on, don’t set the thermostat down low when you turn the unit back on to cool your house quicker, it will take the same amount of time, just let the system run its natural course. If you constantly change the settings on your thermostat, your are unknowingly burning more energy as the system attempts to compensate and keep up. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends keeping indoor temperatures as close to outdoor temperatures as possible for the best efficiency and most comfortable conditions.


If you will be away for an extended period of time, give your AC unit a rest. Turning it off, or setting it high so that house doesn’t get so hot that it takes hours to cool down. When you experience cooler weather at night, open windows to ventilate your house, especially if you live in a climate with low humidity. Instead of running the fan in your AC to circulate cool air, use a box fan to move air between rooms; therefore leaving the AC unit settings on an ‘auto’ setting. A box fan can save wear and tear on a blower fan that you depend on to work for your AC but possibly also your furnace.


Keeping your AC unit clean is important. Never run an AC unit with a dirty filter or any build-up or obstructions on the fan or the condenser coils. Anything that limits the movement of the air or causes the blower and fan to work extra to compensate, will not create the most efficient environment for your AC unit. You can vacuum or replace filters and clean delicate blades with a soft brush.


Leaving the cleaning, maintenance, and repair to professionals is always best. River View Heating & Cooling, heating and cooling Cincinnati, guarantees each customer’s satisfaction. The professional service technicians pledge to keep your AC running as efficiently as the day as it was installed! Contact us today.

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