Autumn is a delight of a season, especially in the Tri-State area… a season that fits into a majority of people’s comfort level. Reminiscent of the story of the little girl and the 3 bears, it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, it’s just right! As we begin to cover our toes with the boot socks who have been hibernating for the last 3 months, we remember all the reasons that we love fall… a pot of chili, a Friday night football game, picking pumpkins from a farm…the list of wholesome activities to accomplish in these months is endless. Opportunities for family bonding, and making memories.

We do not recommend making one of your fall-memory-making events to be a dysfunctional and non-working HVAC system… that’s is surely not on the list! 

All summer long, your HVAC system has been working non stop to keep you cool and comfortable. Possibly running consistently for 3-4 months straight can put a strain on any mechanical device. While you are busy transitioning to autumn, it’s likely your HVAC or heat pump system is begging for a break, and better yet, a tune-up! Fall is a great time to schedule a maintenance check and inspection because it’s likely the temperatures will allow your system to not be needed for a few days. 

Preparing your unit for colder months is an important step in home-ownership, and River View Heating & Cooling is your best option to help! Our friendly technicians will come ready to not only fully inspect your HVAC Unit or your Heat Pump System, they will be able to provide a comprehensive, data driven, report about the status of your unit; providing details that an untrained eye would miss. Technicians will be able to catch problems before they become cumbersome, life-halting, issues. Or, if they do detect an immediate issue, they will be able to solve it on the spot.

Help your River View technician out by prepping your home for the best results; make sure all air ducts and floor vents are unblocked. If possible, vacuum in and around vents, removing any debris too large for a vacuum. There are other ways to prep your home for keeping in the heat, heavy curtains as well as area rugs are a good addition to any fall and winter decor. 

The River View Heating & Cooling family values your personal time and the precious hours you spend with your loved ones. Be proactive and schedule a fall maintenance appointment so that your life doesn’t have to be stopped by a non-working furnace or heat pump system. Instead, your life should halt for the fall and winter delights of a warm cup of cider or a trip to the pumpkin patch. Contact River View Heating & Cooling today.

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