It’s understandable that the typical homeowner does not value energy-efficiency as much as our Mother Earth would like. We’re busy with our lives and we often take advantage of all of the amenities we are afforded. Hot water, air conditioning, gas stove range, gas fireplace… all the things that make our home so ‘homey’ are also contributing to large carbon emissions and are having long lasting effects on our environment.


Taking steps to make your house run a little ‘greener,’ doesn’t have to break your bank or clog your calendar. Keeping your appliances compliant with recommended maintenance schedules is the best way to ensure you are leaving the smallest carbon footprint as possible. Some of the appliances in your home can be cleaned in a ‘DIY’ fashion, but some, especially your air conditioner, should be serviced by a professional. Only an industry expert can address all aspects of maintaining your air conditioning unit. River View Heating and Cooling, located in Cincinnati, OH, is your best solution for sales and service of HVAC systems. 


Here are a few other easy ways to keep your home energy efficient:

Insulation: ensure that your walls, attic, and all crawl spaces are well insulated so that cool/warm air doesn’t escape.

Windows: assess the age and effectiveness of your windows. While replacing all of your windows can be a large purchase, the energy-saving qualities of modern windows will make your investment worthwhile.

Trees: Plan your landscaping to help improve the shade provided to your house. More shade will keep your home naturally cool.

Lightbulbs: Switch your old electricity-sucking lightbulbs to energy efficient LED lightbulbs. They are long-lasting and are better for the environment.

Laundry: Consider washing your laundry on cold water instead of hot. You will save energy on your water heating when you switch to cold washes.

Natural Light: We’re so quick to flip on a switch when we enter a room. Try using natural light as long as possible by opening up curtains and accessing windows. You’d be surprised how much daylight is available if you just let it in!  

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