What is the Purpose of Inverter Technology?

The functionality of a single and two-stage unit is as basic as on/off. That means that your unit is constantly using more and more energy and power each time it turns on and off. What makes inverter technology special is that it has variable speeds which allows you to keep your home at your desired temperature. What makes an inverter even more valuable is their reliability and quietness. An inverter can keep your home at your desired temperature all day long consistently with no issues. Because of how consistent and quiet it is, it also saves you money in your wallet because of its efficiency. Additionally, it does not use nearly as much energy as a single speed outdoor compressor unit does.

How Does an Inverter Work?

A compressor is like the engine of your condensing unit, which means that it is important that your compressor is running at the highest efficiency possible. That’s the purpose of an inverter. But what is an inverter? Let’s discuss what an inverter is.

An inverter is an intelligent compressor drive module that provides variable speed operations. Having a compressor that provides variable speed operations means that you can heat or cool your home at any temperature you want, year-round. How an inverter works is instead of turning on and off all the time like single-stage units do, an inverter stays on consistently but uses only enough power to keep your home at the desired temperature year-round.

This method of heating and cooling is more efficient than using a single-stage unit because it requires less power to get your home to the temperature you want. Single and two stage units can cause the temperature to go below or spike way above the desired temperature which uses more power which then uses more energy and makes your energy bill spike as well. So having an inverter uses a lot less energy and costs you less. So no matter how hot or cold it is outside, your home will stay at the temperature you like, keeping you comfortable all year. Also, it means less money spent on your energy bill.

Choosing River View Heating & Cooling

Inverter technology can be very vital to your home, offering consistent efficiency and using less energy than a typical compressor does. Our goal at River View is to make sure that your home has the best products to keep your home comfortable all year long. That is why we use a Daikin inverter to replace your old compressor.  At River View Heating & Cooling, we can guarantee that you will be over satisfied with our employees and your needs will always be met because you, the customer are our first priority. You can schedule an appointment with us on our company website and you can also learn more about what River View Heating & Cooling can offer for you.

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