If one were to consider the human body and all the different systems and intricate details included, the heart would probably make the short list of the most important parts. The parts that keep the entire body functioning; the motor, the engine… the Duracell Bunny, that just keeps going and going… right? When a health concern arises about the heart, it usually puts its owner on high alert and is cause to change behaviors in order to remedy the situation. Sometimes, medical tests and genetic patterns can dictate preventative measures that work to decrease the risk of larger problems occurring.


Now, consider a house…the ‘heart’ of the house is…. The heating and cooling system! It works tirelessly to keep all other systems, and the house’s owner comfortable and stable. If the HVAC systems in your home are as important as your heart, you should be treating it as such: with care, concern, and preventative behaviors that keep it operating efficiently and safely. River View Heating and Cooling is your best resource for keeping the heart of your home beating; a winter tune-up is what the doctor has ordered!


What is involved in a tune-up? What is a River View Technician going to do when you schedule a winter tune-up for your HVAC system?


A standard HVAC tune-up will include 3 basic phases: inspection, cleaning, and service.

The service may or may not include repairs, depending on what problems are detected during the inspection portion.


Inspection: Our technicians will most likely begin the tune-up by inspecting your system. Looking for signs of wear and tear and any industry-accepted ‘red flags’ that will dictate the rest of the tune-up appointment. Checking and clearing the drain pan, ensuring that the refrigerant levels are adequate, and examining all other components such as the compressor and the motor are included in this phase.


Cleaning: Dirt, dust, and grime are the three amigos of system failure and dysfunction. Build-up of waste on motors, fan blades, and any other energy-producing components can negatively affect the efficiency of your unit. A technician will safely clean your system, disassembling parts, and most importantly, reassemble each part correctly!


Service: The third step to a tune-up appointment is where the rubber hits the road… our trained technicians will be able to correct any deficiencies they have found. This may involve replacing worn-out parts, or parts that they feel are on the verge of causing serious damage later. In an air conditioning unit, the technician will address low refrigerant levels by recharging your system. Parts like capacitors and fan blades may be replaced to ensure consistent and efficient operation.


So, just as some think going to the doctor, unless you are sick, is unnecessary…. Some think that scheduling a tune-up appointment belongs in the same category. Those that live by the motto, ‘If it isn’t broke—don’t fix it’ are gambling! If you don’t take preventative measures and put your systems at the front of your priorities, by the time something goes wrong or breaks- the damage is often worse than if the problem was caught while it was small, fixable, and preventable. It’s far better to do these small, affordable things preemptively than it is to wait until they devolve into serious problems.


The technicians and staff at River View Heating & Cooling care about both your heart’s health, and your home’s heart health…. Make 2 appointments this week: one for you and one for your HVAC system! Riverview will proudly take care of all your HVAC needs; inspecting, cleaning, and servicing! Contact us today to get started.

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