Replacing your furnace or cooling system is not something most people look forward to. However, if you are looking to save money and make your house more comfortable, it may be time to consider it. If you are curious if you need to replace these products, furnaces typically function for 15-20 years, with air conditioners performing well for 12-15 years. If either of these is not working as efficiently as it should, it is time to replace them. However, if you are going to replace your heating or cooling systems, you should do them both at the same time, and here is why.

Saves Money

If one of these products stops working, it may be a waste of money to simply replace just one of them. This is because the two work hand in hand with each other. Having up-to-date systems allows both to function and operate smoothly.  If you were to simply replace an air conditioner, then it may overpower the furnace, thus causing more issues. If you want the two systems to run well together, you need to make sure they will not be conflicting with each other. In addition, you will have fewer issues with the systems, and if either of them begins to have issues, they will both be under warranty.

Performance of Heating or Cooling System

As stated previously, having a system that is out of date paired with one that is upgraded can lead to many issues. We recommend two systems that are similar in age so as to complement each other as opposed to conflict with each other. To get the most out of this installation, it is beneficial to have two systems that are capable of running at similar speeds and settings. When you install a conditioner and furnace at the same time, it can make things less complicated for you and the installers, and even save you money.

Ditch Heating or Cooling Systems

If you are looking to maximize energy efficiency and decrease your energy bill, you can purchase a ductless mini split. By transferring heat as opposed to generating it, this system is a great way to ensure that your house is comfortable throughout the year. Not only is it a great alternative to replacing both your furnace and air conditioning, but it also saves you money in the long run due to its ability to run on very little energy.

Though getting your furnace or air conditioning replaced can be stressful, it will ultimately lead to a more comfortable and energy efficient house. Make sure you are not wasting money by purchasing a new system that only ends up conflicting with your other out-of-date system by installing both of them simultaneously. If you are looking to replace your heating or cooling systems, check out the professionals at River View Heating & Cooling. Call us today!

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