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River View Heating and Cooling has only factory trained and certified Daikin Comfort Pro technicians.

Locally owned and operated, River View Heating and Cooling is uniquely qualified to install your air conditioner and furnance with superior technican capability.

With over 30 years of experience, our technicians are factory trained and certified as Daikin Comfort Pros.

River View now has exclusively

Learn About Daikin, the number one heating and cooling equipment brand in the world

Daikin’s technology from tomorrow solves all your indoor air quality and comfort concerns today. See how in this quick video. .

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They Did it All

“We had a great experience with River View on our recent project in Amberley Village. T…”

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Carolyn – 6/22/2020

We are extremely happy

“Robin G. and the team at Riverview provided fast, high-quality service to our ho…”

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Elisabeth  5/26/2020


“Riverview Heating and Cooling has provided me with great service over the last 3 years….”

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Steve  6/1/2019


A Heat Pump is Now a Viable Option

Heat Pump. A term that us Cincinnatians might not be too familiar with? In the world of Heating and Cooling, Heat Pumps are becoming some of the most popular and innovative ways to heat and cool your home. According to energy.gov, “Air-source heat...

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Scheduling Preventative Tune Ups

If one were to consider the human body and all the different systems and intricate details included, the heart would probably make the short list of the most important parts. The parts that keep the entire body functioning; the motor, the engine…...

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Is your home ready for heat?

Modern technology affords us so many daily comforts and joys; from accessing the world at our fingertips in the form of a cell phone to hot water flowing through the faucet for our early morning shower… science and technology surely improve our...

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