If you are a new business in Cincinnati, you must have an HVAC system that ensures your comfort in your new office. Although you may not want to replace your furnace or air conditioner, it will prove to be less expensive, and more effective for your company in the long run. Though you will want to find a company to install these for you, you must do your own research before moving forward with a new HVAC system. Here are our tips for your small business to ensure your furnace installation is as productive and smooth as possible.

Understand HVAC Systems

Not all HVAC systems are made for the same environment. Air conditioners are a little more standard, and the best options are typically ductless mini-split systems or an attached window unit. However, depending on the space, environment, and location of your office, certain furnaces will work better for your building. A gas furnace is more effective in harsh weather and will therefore be most effective for a location with freezing temperatures. Electric furnaces usually last longer and are more energy efficient, but cannot keep up with the intense winter weather that some may experience.

Find the Right Company

For your installation to go smoothly, you must find the right company for you. Finding a random company that you have not done your research on could lead to more repairs and maintenance on your HVAC due to improper installation. Therefore, it is important you look for a company that builds a relationship and works with you throughout the process. Here at River View Heating & Cooling, we have provided multiple installations to small businesses, making sure everything was to their liking.

Keep an Eye on Your HVAC

During the installation keep your eye out for things that your installer is doing to make sure they are doing their job correctly and not cutting corners. Putting in a new HVAC system is not as simple as plugging in a cord and turning it on, there are a lot of steps that should be taken to make sure your HVAC is running properly. Talk with your installer to understand what they are doing and the steps they are taking to install your systems. After the installation, you may need to do some maintenance work on it in the future, so look out for small issues down the road.

Though it may be easier and appear cheaper to keep or buy a used unit when starting a new business, purchasing a new HVAC system is much more efficient and cost-friendly in the long run. If you are looking for a new system to have installed in your business, contact the professionals at River View Heating & Cooling. We have years of experience with furnace installation, and work with you to find and implement the best HVAC system for you!

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