Ductless mini splits are exactly what their name suggests: AC units that don’t require a ducting system. However, why should you learn more about them? Mini splits are a great alternative if you seek versatile heating and cooling options for various rooms in your house.

It is more common to see ductless systems in regions with multiple buildings without central heating and cooling. However, ductwork is a common feature inside American households. Therefore, many people in the US are not aware of this type of AC unit.

A ductless mini split system works without air ducts. A conventional air conditioner uses a single unit to cool the whole house. On the other hand, every indoor mini split unit has its fan and evaporator coil. As a result, mini splits are a versatile option for many households. They are highly efficient heating and cooling systems that can cool hard-to-reach spaces.

How Do Ductless Mini Splits Function

A ductless mini split is a small AC unit that may be fitted in separate rooms. These systems only utilize an evaporator unit and a fan to circulate cold air where required.

The difference between a ductless mini-split and an HVAC system, which requires massive metal vents to distribute the air about the house, is obvious. However, except for the ducts, both cooling and heating systems are practically the same when discussing their functionality.

Heat and moisture are eliminated from the air inside the house and dumped outdoors, while cold air is recirculated. The installation, on the other hand, is rather different. Although they need significantly less labor than a completely new HVAC system, a professional should always install ductless mini splits. These professionals have the necessary knowledge as well as the appropriate tools and equipment for the installation job.

Some Areas Where You Can Find Ductless Mini Splits

Home Slabs

These dwellings are generally cold in the absence of a basement to accommodate a bigger air conditioner or furnace. Therefore, a ductless mini split would be an excellent heating and cooling solution.

Guest Rooms/Attics

An upper-level room that lacks access to air ducts is commonly fitted with mini split units.


Did you just turn your basement into a recreational room? Even in the winter, it’s probably too chilly and too hot when crowded. In this case, a ductless mini split will work like a charm.

Master Suites

These rooms are often furthest from a central heating and cooling system, and they suffer the most. So, if your master suite isn’t effectively cooled or heated, a ductless mini split can be preferable to upgrading or replacing existing ducting.


Ductwork isn’t allowed in garages owing to safety concerns. So, if you work in your garage and want to battle the heat, a ductless mini split will enable you to regulate your garage’s temperature year-round.

How To Maintain A Ductless Mini Split

Because a ductless mini split is connected with your home’s HVAC system, it requires the same level of routine maintenance. In fact, other than the suggested twice-a-year expert inspections, homeowners can conduct a few maintenance tasks themselves.

To ensure that your ductless mini split runs efficiently, you should inspect the outside of the unit for obstructions that could block its airflows, such as pet hair, dust particles, or dirt. You should also learn about your unit’s recommended filter change schedule to change its air filters yourself if you are confident enough.

Doing so will keep your system functional and help remove pollutants from your living space. In addition, such a thing is extremely beneficial for people suffering from allergies, especially during flu season.

It can be a nightmare to live in a house without an air conditioner. That said, homeowners think that an HVAC system or a window AC is the only heating and cooling option available at their disposal. However, ductless mini splits are the most obvious choice when it comes to providing cool or hot air in a smaller, more compact area. So call River View Heating and Cooling and get one for your home today to make it a comfortable place to live for your family.

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