Does your HVAC system run for long periods of time or make loud noises? The time for you to replace your old system with a new one has arrived. Installing a new heating and cooling system proves much more cost-efficient than continual expensive repair costs. A unit installed over 10 years ago without consistent regular maintenance checks proposes a danger in your household. The following signs will help you to determine when and why you need a new HVAC system.

Cost Efficiency

An older HVAC system can lead to significantly higher electric bills. With an older system, it cannot run as smoothly and efficiently from natural wear and tear. Also, if you find yourself with the same recurring expensive repair bills, replacing your HVAC system will save you the most money in the long run.

It Is Over 10 Years Old

Do you remember how long you have had your current HVAC system? We advise replacing HVAC systems every 10 years. At the 10 year mark, the parts inside the HVAC system begin to deteriorate. Systems that run this long contain a type of outdated and harmful element called Freon.

If your system happens to be over 10 years old, let River View Heating & Cooling design your perfect system. At River View Heating & Cooling, we offer the top of the line Daikin Comfort Products for your home. These products and HVAC systems are created here in the United States and offer our customers the most long lasting results.

Loud Noises or Leakage

In addition to improving cost efficiency, replacing your HVAC system eliminates dealing with loud noises or leakage your older system causes. If you hear any unusual sounds, such as grinding or squealing, call River View Heating & Cooling to receive an inspection. A safe and efficient HVAC system remains relatively quiet daily. Hearing alarming noises signifies that dirt and debris are clogging your system. Aggressive noises provide the warning signs of hefty repair costs in your future.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Another big sign you need a new HVAC system is if your home is always too warm or too cold. An HVAC system starting to break down will have trouble keeping your home at a consistent temperature. Temperature fluctuations usually mean that your AC system is either not strong enough or that the duct work was not properly installed. Ultimately, keeping a faulty HVAC system results in an uncomfortable home environment and more expensive energy bills.

If you have an older system that does not run as efficiently, contact the experts at River View Heating & Cooling now! We understand performing maintenance on your systems is not always an easy task, but we want to help you make sure the job is performed correctly to run at its highest efficiency. At River View Heating & Cooling, we take the time to get to know you and learn about your home’s heating and cooling needs. Combining our years of experience with top of the line products, we can help to keep your family comfortable. Looking for an HVAC installation near me? Call River View Heating & Cooling today to set up your appointment.

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